ER20 ACS Elacin DJ & musician hearing protectors


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Exposure to high level sound can easily damage your hearing

Take care of your ears with the amazing ER20 hearing protectors

  • Basic earplugs muffle sounds & prevent enjoyment of music
  • ER20 are flat attenuators. This means that you hear sounds from bass to treble clearly, but at a lower level
  • The unique ER20 filter system lowers volume from 16-20 decibels at all frequencies, ensuring the integrity of the music remains in place
  • Use your ER20 again & again. They’re non-sterile, wipeable and will last for months
  • Manufacturer is Etymotic, USA. UK importer is ACS. Also marketed as Elacin ER20(S)

ER20 are suitable for DJ’s, clubbers, barstaff, doorstaff, musicians and concert-goers.

They’re the most affordable and discreet way to protect your hearing without spoiling your enjoyment of the original sound.
Each pair come with instruction booklet, pocket carry case & black neck cord.

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