Kenwood TK earpiece soft G shape with microphone and two pin plug


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High quality Kenwood earpiece with  two pin plug to fit all Kenwood 2 pin sockets inc: TK3301, TK3160, TK2160, TH3201, TK2041, TK3140, Protalk, etc
G shape earhangers are the most comfortable earpiece to use for long duty periods. This is a high quality item at a low price – complete with full warranty.

  • Flexible soft rubber G shape earhanger
  • Adjustable earphone with foam cover sits outside ear canal for comfort
  • Excellent audio
  • Kevlar reinforced strong cabling with 84cm run from plug to PTT switch & 40 cm run on to earpiece-plenty of  cable for tall users
  • Inline PTT switch with positive click action, windshield and rotating sprung clothing clip
  • Supplied in black carry pouch for easy carrying & storage
  • One year warranty against failure

Note: This two pin plug is for Kenwood radios only. It does not fit Motorola, Icom, etc.

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