Klickfast battery stud for Motorola DP2400, DP3400, DP4400


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Genuine Klickfast Peter Jones battery stud for specified Motorola TRBO range

Motorola  DP2400/DP2600/DP3400/DP3600/DP4400/DP4600/DP4601/DP4800 including ‘e’ variants and GPS DPxxxx/1 models.
PLEASE NOTE: **Not for Motorola DP3441/DP3661 or any Motorola  Silent Alert vibrating belt clip battery**

Replace your belt clip with this and your radio can be securely connected to any Klickfast system dock. Once in place, the radio can be rotated to any of seven positions and it remains held firmly and safely in place – even in the most demanding situations.
To quickly release, just twist the radio to the inverted position to free it.
This stud is designed to replace the belt clip and once fitted, it stays in place.
You’ll need one for each battery in use.

For genuine Motorola own-brand batteries only.
Whilst it may push-fit to aftermarket batteries, the case mouldings of these are often not to the same spec as Motorola. The small aperture on the back of the battery that the stud clip locks into doesn’t align correctly. It will not be securely held if it doesn’t click into place.

This listing is for one Klickfast stud only. It requires a Klickfast dock. We use the example image with it fitted to a battery on this listing to illustrate the method of attachment only.

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