Motorola DP3400 covert surveillance mp3 earpiece with removable earphones


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Motorola DP3400 covert mp3 style surveillance earpiece with interchangeable earphones​                                                        

For Motorola digital portables DP3400, DP3600, DP4200, DP4400, DP4800 

  • Superb covert headset for plain clothes, surveillance and undercover use.
  • These are indistinguishable from normal mp3 headphones and give the impression that the wearer is listening to music.
  • Ideal for police, undercover, store detectives, etc.
  • Headphones supplied with this earpiece are black – you can change them for any design
  • A strong, slim inline microphone/press-to-talk canbe concealed under your clothing

Note the inline 3.5mm socket that allows you to plug in your own headphones, making this more flexible than versions with fixed earphones.
You can share this with colleagues, each using their own headphones.

Supplied with Motorola DP3400 multipin plug and retaining screw to fit:
DP3400, DP3600, DP3401, DP3601, DP4200, DP4400, DP4800 portables.
(Does not fit other makes of radio or other Motorola models – i
f you have a specific requirement please contact us)

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