Motorola MTH800 earpiece two wire covert acoustic tube & microphone long cabling


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Motorola MTH800 Police Airwave covert earpiece and microphone
Two wire earpiece with acoustic tube and long cablingand press-to-talk button

This MTH800 two wire earpiece has a  combined microphone plus a superior quality clear coiled acoustic tube. Kevlar reinforced cabling.
It  has  longer wiring than one wire items, with separate cables to the PTT switch and to the earpiece, making it suitable for tall users.

This is a premium quality earpiece with surgical grade clear acoustic tube for perfect audio

  • Press to talk switch with metal sprung clothing clip
  •  Kevlar reinforced cabling – one wire to PTT plus another wire to earpiece – cable run is suitable for up to 6ft + users
  • Can be run down sleeve
  • Full one year warranty against equipment failure
  • Loud and clear audio on transmit and receive
  • Single pin MTH800 plug with retaining screw fits side sockets on Motorola MTH 800, MTH850, MTP 850, MTH650
    (Does not fit other Motorola radios)

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