Motorola MTH800 Police gel ear mould double pack


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Double pack! 1 x right ear and 1 x left ear
These discreet open earmoulds allow you to make more of your existing audio accessories.
Just replace the earbud on a standard acoustic tube earpiece with one of these and hear the difference – it lets ambient sound in, allowing the user to hear what’s going on – as well as radio calls.

You can also comfortably use a phone whilst wearing it.
Popular with police officers, our ear moulds can be worn for long duty periods without discomfort.
These are medium size to fit most ears.
The soft gel moulds to the shape of your ear and is simple to fit.
(to see how it’s used, click on the alternative product image above)

These are also available singly for left or right ear, but we’ve made a double pack for those who aren’t sure which ear to use or to split with colleagues.  

Suitable accessories to use with this;

We’re an established business with customers including police forces, borders agencies and local government. Buy from us in confidence. We don’t import and everything is UK sourced from established suppliers that we’ve used for years.
If you have any questions or to find out about buying multiple quantities or government purchase orders, call 08456 120007, Mon-Fri, 9am to 5.30pm.

You can also message us. We check emails outside working hours when possible.

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