Motorola SL 4000, SL1600 earpiece, acoustic tube – robust, long 2 wire cabling


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Motorola SL4000 & SL1600 covert two wire earpiece – larger PTT and strong cables
Two wire SL4000 earpiece with clear acoustic tube and long, strong cabling
(Kevlar reinforced cabling is long enough for users to run the wire from a waist-mounted portable down a sleeve with the PTT switch in the palm or on jacket cuff)

  • The clear acoustic tube delivers crisp audio via a silicon ear bud
  • Combined microphone and PTT switch is larger than those on budget earpieces and very strong with a sprung clothing clip
  • This Motorola SL4000 earpiece is built to last and has a full one year warranty against failure

Single pin connector fits Motorola SL4000 & SL1600, SL2600, SL4010 and ‘e’ variants digital radio (does not fit Icom, Kenwood or other makes of radio)

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