Motorola SL4000, SL1600 covert mp3 earpiece with adaptor



Motorola SL4000, SL1600 earpiece mp3-style adaptor kit with inline PTT/microphone for covert & surveillance work.

Plug the adaptor  into your radio, push on the mp3 earpiece unique hirose plug  and you have a discreet two-way communications system that looks as if you are listening to music.

Superb kit for store detectives, hotel security, street surveillance, etc.


  • Inline combined microphone/PTT button with sprung rotating clothing clip
  • White earphones are indistinguishable from normal music earphones
  • This item includes 1 x Motorola SL4000/SL1600 audio adaptor & 1 x white mp3 earphone set with hirose connector
  • This fits Motorola Sl4000, SL4000e, SL4010, SL4010e, SL1600, SL1600e, SL2600


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