Sepura covert surveillance earpiece with Sony Ericsson earphones


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Sepura covert mp3 style earphones surveillance earpiece with Sony Ericsson earphones

  • Brilliant covert item for plain clothes, surveillance and undercover use.
  • These are indistinguishable from normal mp3 headphones and give the impression that the wearer is listening to music.
  • Ideal for police, undercover, store detectives, etc.
  • High quality Sony earpieces are moulded for secure in-ear stability and are more comfortable than the flat plastic type headphones
  • Inline small microphone/press-to-talk button is disguised as the shuffle button.
  • Sprung plastic clothing clip supplied.

Supplied with Sepura single-pin plug and retaining screw to fit:
Sepura SRP2000, SRP3000,SRH3500, SRH3800, SRH3900 portables.
(Does not fit other makes of radio – i
f you have a specific requirement please contact us)

See our Sepura surveillance 3 wire kit (uses your own headphones) HERE

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