SEPURA earpiece & microphone 2 wire covert, long Kevlar cabling


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Sepura two wire covert earpiece with acoustic tube and inline microphone

  • High quality earpiece with a two wire chassis, long cabling and surgical grade clear acoustic tube for perfect audio
  • Large and strong press to talk switch with metal sprung clothing clip
  • Tough Kevlar reinforced cabling – one wire to PTT plus another wire to earpiece – cable run is suitable for up to 6ft + users
  • Can be run down sleeve
  • Full one year warranty against equipment failure
  • Single pin plug  fits Sepura SRP2000,SRP3000,SRH3500,SRH3800,SRH3900 radios (note: does not fit other Sepura portables)
  • Loud and clear audio on transmit and receive

This is a premium quality, well -made DP2400 earpiece that will last you for years.
The two-wire chassis allows you to clip the microphone to your clothing, or to run it down a sleeve.

UK stock delivered quickly from an experienced UK two-way radio company.

Call us on 08456 120007 if you have any queries. We have a wide range of Sepura covert and surveillance earpieces in stock

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